Soon President Obama was on the phone to Egypt’s top military officer, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, warning him of the gravity of the United States threat to end its $1.3 billion in military aid. But despite the mounting pressure, Egyptian officials continued to defer to the prosecutors and courts, increasingly wary of the domestic political price of appearing to bow to America’s demands. As recently as Saturday, American officials said they believed they were close to a deal to end the travel ban by the time the trial began the next day.

24 06 01. (Me no. J o s é Antonio, 61.. 1) Ebola epidemic: It started with just a few cases in Guinea, and became the deadliest outbreak of Ebola on record. The virus spread throughout West Africa, claiming more than 5,000 lives. In September, the first case of the disease in the United States was diagnosed at Texas Presbyterian Hospital.

More compelling, though, is his skill at playing ambassador when music and marketing executives find themselves in territory that is foreign to each. “Let’s face it,” said Paul Fireman, the chief executive officer of Reebok, “we’re not always really connected to the things we think we are. He started to introduce us to the right people.”.

All the talk surrounding Apple’s near term plans has revolved around smart TVs, streaming services and wearable (wrist, not face) computers. So far, there hasn’t even been a hint that Apple might be interested in the augmented or virtual reality space. But if there’s one thing Apple is good at, it’s keeping secrets, so it would be wise to keep an eye on them as the space develops..

“Espero que se lleve a cabo en invierno. Tenemos que ir a Catar cuando le sea fácil participar a todo el mundo”, declaró el presidente de la UEFA. Platini asegurá que hay tiempo suficiente como para preparar las ligas nacionales en torno al Mundial en invierno.

Hugh Grant, v de escuchas telef se ha convertido en el famoso m activo a la hora de pedir una nueva regulaci mediante su cuenta en Twitter. Desde esta plataforma, el cineasta Stephen Fry invita a firmar una petici para pedir mayor protecci de la vida privada de los brit Por su parte, la NUJ considera que tambi se debe regular por ley una cl de conciencia que garantice la independencia profesional de los periodistas y de normas que impiden la concentraci de medios. Lo justifican en que los periodistas que disent de los pr de los medios Murdoch, cuando eran despedidos, encontraban las puertas cerradas de m de la mitad del mercado, ante esa concentraci de cabeceras en un solo grupo..

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